Ruthy was born in her mother's friend's living room, giving her automatic bragging rights to tell people she was born to entertain.  Ruthy is of Dominican descent, born and bred in The Bronx, NYC, same birthplace as entertainer, Jennifer Lopez (JLo) actress, Kerry Washington, Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, actor, Chazz Palminteri,  Hip-Hop artists KRS-OneFat JoeCardi B, actress Penny Marshall, legend TV/Film producer, Garry Marshall, and Stand Up legends Robert Klein and Carl Reiner.  (Noticed the diverse talent The Bronx offers?)

Having indeed collaborated with many talents and news makers throughout her career, Ruthy also shared same film professor at (alma mater) Fordham University with two-time Academy Award winning actor, Denzel Washington. Ruthy also used to stuff Howard Stern's paychecks in envelopes when there was no such thing as direct deposit; during her employment at 92.3 K-ROCK Radio in early 90s.  Also, while employed at Hachette Filipachi Media, (Magazine Publisher,) Ruthy used to work on insert production for their hi-profile magazines, including John F. Kennedy, Jr's  GEORGE Magazine.  Sadly, on Friday, July 16, 1999, Ruthy saw JFK, Jr. for the last time at the Paramount Building lobby after-work, before he flew a small chartered plane to Massachusetts.

Noticed the use of celebs?  The love of glitz and glamour also inspired Ruthy to find and produce her own creative scented candle company, CelebriscentsCelebriscents celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through aromatherapy.

For decades, Ruthy has always been involved in all aspects of the entertainment/media industry from radio, television, Cable TV, magazines, book/article publishing, public relations, etc.  Ever since 1st grade, from interviewing and touching KISS then guitarist, Ace Frehley's guitar at a Bronx elementary school, to acting/narrating/producing plays, interviewing big names in Hollywood, modeling, writing/editing entertainment books and articles, event/show production to being featured in countless NYC film/TV productions like, HBO's "Sex and the City," FOX' "New York Undercover," Robert DeNiro Film, "Fifteen Minutes," Eminem music video, "I'm not Afraid," and more.  Ruthy is currently active as a New York-based Stand up Comic and show producer.  View Ruthy's gallery to see what we're talkin' bout.